M. Luciana Lombardi

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From Our Listeners: A representative selection of brief comments received every week by telephone, USPS mail, and email to live @ kusp.

  • "thank you"
  • "I love your show"
  • "beautiful music"
  • "great show"
  • "interesting program"
  • "selections are inspired"
  • "lovely"
  • "enjoying the music"
  • "wonderful recording"
  • "brilliant show"
  • "wonderful selections"
  • "great programming"
  • "excellent programs"
  • "incredible"
  • "unusual"
  • "favorite classical program"
  • "stayed in my car listening"
  • "pulled off the road to hear"

Selected comments

  • Each week I listen to Luciana Lombardi's Musical Offering. This week I must write to thank you for such outstanding programming I am constantly impressed by the quality and variety of music Luciana plays. This alone is quite an accomplishment; Luciana goes even further and presents interesting interviews on important artistic themes that reflect the political and social fabric of our culture. Without question, her interviews are the best I have ever heard on KUSP. Luciana's knowledge of music (composers, instruments, periods, and so forth) is skillfully blended with an astonishing awareness of the current artists and works. I have never heard a program that can compare. Thank you very much.
    March 1990
  • Thank you for some very interesting programming. Sometimes I can only listen "on the run," but I always hear something that makes me stop and listen! ... It is such a relief to have some interesting programming for people truly interested in Classical Music. All the other channels have resorted to the same "canned" elevator stuff, so I had to switch to talk radio. In my younger years, when I was in the process of being educated about repertoire and all aspects of music, I depended on excellent radio programming. (I do have a degree in music, but our education is ongoing.) Thank goodness I have located you! Thank you, and keep up the excellent work.
    July 2001
  • Listening to your gem of a program as I do almost every Thursday AM, I always want to thank you for this gift to my spirit and, I know, countless others -- ... Many, many thanks & joyous holiday wishes --
    December 1996
  • I love Luciana Lombardi !! (and, I'm a faithful repeat-member of KUSP ...) Her programming is a joy to have in the midst of all the "modern" classical music programming. Thank you for Luciana, and early music. Keep up the good work!! July 1987
  • I always try to catch your "Musical Offering" on Thursday because I love the early music you play. ... With much gratitude for your volunteering time each week to bring such pleasure into our ears and hearts!
    November 1991
  • Thank you for the music on KUSP which I find a perfect accompaniment to painting in my studio. Your selections are quite wonderful and a joyous reprieve from the "top 10" classical compositions played and re-played elsewhere. Keep up the great selections / program. -
  • You played ... just in time for my bassoon-playing child to hear it ... Thanks for your perfect timing [programming selections when he can hear it, after he returns home from his weekly boy scout meetings]. We would really appreciate if you can continue to play bassoon music (like you have) and same a couple after the 9pm hour. P.S. I really missed your program when the Bach Festival was being aired.
    August, 2003
  • Dearest host of the morning classical music program, I had the pleasant experience of hearing a beautiful Bach cantata (I think) while driving. ... Thank you very much
    January 2002
  • I continue to be staggered by the excellence of your choices ...
    July 2003
  • I've enjoyed your programs a lot even though early music is not always my favorite, but you have taught me to extend my music appreciation significantly. ... all good wishes, and thanks for the fine entertainment and music lessons.
    October 2002
  • My commute to work yesterday was actually enjoyable because of this wonderful music you were playing at about 10:30 AM. ... Thank you for your show in the morning,
    November 2002
  • I want to compliment you on your choice of music. I'm so happy I happened to tune in tonight.
    September 2003
  • Thanks for the program. I like the selections very much. I will be relying on them for my musical education and enjoyment.
    May 2004
  • Appreciating what you've played tonight. Beautiful stuff ... Also played ... What was that? I loved it. Thanks.
    October, 2003
  • Just a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying tonight's program.
    July 2003
  • Thanks again for the wonderful and enlightening music.
    April 2003
  • I really appreciate the music you play. ... Thank you so much for your program and we are very lucky to have you.
    March 2003
  • I love your show and especially liked ...
    February 2003
  • There's nothing like a Luciana Wednesday
    December 2002
  • Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, and for presenting such rich and satisfying Wednesday programs!
    November 2002
  • Listening to one weekday morning classical music show ... I heard a fascinating selection
    November 2002
  • I love the unique music you play on your show. Thanks again
    November 2001
  • Your show today is "a bouquet of flowers"
    September 2000
  • Your selections today were particularly wonderful!
    February 1999
  • Luciana Lombardi is a real gem.
    May 1998
  • ... a faithful listener. Really loves your show.
    March 1998
  • ... I do so enjoy your program!
    November 1998
  • Happy holidays and the best of the season to you. We love hearing your show during the year.
    December 1998
  • ... favorite program is Luciana's ... and today's show ending with a ragtime interlude was a wonderful surprise.
    April 1997
  • ... dulcet tones of Luciana Lombardi ...
    November 1994
  • I'm moving ... out of your range .. I'll especially miss Luciana's show Thursday, and all the other classical music programs. I can get classical music ... there, but not Luciana's warm voice and wonderful selection of old music. ...
    September 1993
  • [we] love Pizzicato ... Luciana Lombardi does a wonderful job and her taste in music is impeccable.
    Sept 1986
  • Thank you so much ... for all your contributions to this community over the years. ...
    November 2002
  • You used to be an institution, like the Cooper House [in downtown Santa Cruz before the earthquake]
    August 2004

Official Letters and Award

  • KUSP 'Pataphysician of the Year--1989
  • KUSP Commendation Letter--2000
  • KUSP Commendation Letter--2003