M. Luciana Lombardi

Classical Music DJ
Programmer, Host, Engineer
A Musical Offering, Music for a Viol, A Baroque Tonic, Pizzicato

Central Coast Public Radio KUSP Santa  Cruz

For twenty-six years (1978-2004), Luciana Lombardi had the privilege of sharing classical music through the Pataphysical Broadcasting Foundation. For much of that time KUSP broadcast music of many genres, from many cultures, virtually all day and night, each program flowing into the next creating a unique soundscape for the Monterey Bay and surrounding areas. Those golden days captured the imagination of an exceptional community of musicians and music lovers.

Although the opportunity to present programs to audiences never lost its appeal, the changing demands of public radio that shortened classical music shows, and moved them from daytime to nighttime, clearly indicated that Public Radio and KUSP needed to adapt and change to prosper. She is grateful to have participated in a true volunteer enterprise devoted to a common cause.

Under various titles (see above), she created shows with unique mixes of music from the middle ages to almost yesterday. During Women's History Months, and throughout the years, she featured compositions by women.  Off air, she auditioned and classified innumerable recordings for the KUSP library of recorded music.

During the 1980s and 1990s, she also hosted live broadcasts from the KUSP Remote Van at the Carmel Bach and Cabrillo Contemporary Music Festivals, and edited and hosted delayed broadcasts of other festivals and concert series recorded live.

In 1989 she was honored as First 'Pataphysician of the Year by KUSP-FM for outstanding service in community broadcasting.

Throughout the years, she appreciated the support of the staff and management of KUSP, the collaboration of colleagues throughout the region, and especially the kindness and generosity of audiences. The show signed off in 2004 when she thanked everyone for the music.

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The Radio Playlists: some appeared in Prelude, the monthly magazine of classical music and the arts for the Monterey Bay (1985-87), in the KUSP Review (1987089), and online (2001-2004).

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